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Differential Pressure Gauge
- Jan 09, 2019 -

A differential pressure meter is a pressure instrument that measures the difference between pressures at two different points. In addition to measuring the differential pressure, it is often used in conjunction with throttling devices (such as orifice plate, venturi pipe, etc.) to measure the flow rate of the fluid, and can also be used to measure the liquid level (such as differential pressure type liquid level meter) and the resistance of pipes, tower equipment, etc. (that is, the pressure drop of two points). There are many kinds of differential pressure gauge, in addition to simple liquid column pressure gauge (U tube differential pressure gauge, etc.), commonly used float type differential pressure gauge, double bell jar type differential pressure gauge, ring balance type differential pressure gauge, etc. At present, the commonly used differential pressure transmitter is double bellows differential pressure meter, diaphragm differential pressure meter and unit combined instrument.