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Considerations For Using Pressure Gauges
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1. The instrument must be vertical: 17mm should be used when you install wrench tighten, should not force the twisted case; transportation should avoid collisions;

2. The instrument should be at ambient temperature is-25~55℃;<25HZ 

3. The use of environmental vibration frequency, amplitude of less than 1mm;

4. The use of ambient temperature is too high, the instrument indicates that the value does not reset to zero or a poor indication, upper part of the casing can be sealed rubber stopper cut, communicates the instrument within the cavity and the atmosphere;

5. The instrument range should be between 1/3~2/3 in the ceiling;

6. In the corrosive medium, possible crystallization of medium and high viscosity media isolators should be added;

7. The instrument should always check (at least once every three months), found the fault should be repaired in a timely manner;

8. Date of the instrument from the factory, if under normal storage conditions of use found within six months due to poor manufacturing quality failure or damage, the company responsible for repair or replacement;

9. Need for measurement of corrosive media instruments, requirements to be given at the time of order.