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Composition Of Classified Natural Gas
- Jun 29, 2018 -

1. According to the phase state existing in the underground, natural gas can be divided into the free state, dissolved state, adsorption state and solid hydrate. The development and utilization of natural gas can be realized only when it is accumulated into a gas reservoir.

2. Natural gas can be divided into associated gas and non-associated gas according to the form of storage and generation.

Associated gas: oil field gas produced simultaneously with crude oil and with crude oil. The associated gas is usually the volatile part of crude oil, which exists in the form of gas above the oil bearing layer. It is found in every formation where there is crude oil, but the proportion of oil and gas is different. Even in the same field, the sources of oil and gas are not always the same. They are concentrated in the same rock reservoir by different pathways and processes.

Unassociated gas: both pure gas field and condensate gas field are gaseous in the formation. Condensate field gas wellhead flowing from the formation, with the increase of pressure drop and temperature, separation of gas and liquid two phase and gas phase is natural gas condensate field, the liquid is condensed liquid, gas condensate. If it is unassociated gas, it is independent of liquid concentration and may be produced from plant matter. The world's natural gas production is mainly gas and oil field gas. The exploitation of coalbed methane has been paid more and more attention.

3. According to the state of natural gas reserves, it can be divided into three types: structural natural gas, water-soluble natural gas and coal mine natural gas. Structural natural gas can be divided into wet natural gas with crude oil production and dry natural gas without liquid content.

4. Natural gas can be divided into biogenic gas, oil gas and coal gas. Inorganic gas, especially non - hydrocarbon gas, is highly valued.