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Closed Loop Current Sensor
- Sep 21, 2018 -

The magnetic balance current sensor, also known as hall closed loop current sensor, is also known as the compensation sensor, that is, the magnetic field generated by the measured current Ip in the polymagnetic ring is compensated by the magnetic field generated by the current, so hall devices are in the working state of detecting zero magnetic flux.

The specific working process of the magnetic balance current sensor Is as follows: when a current passes through the main circuit, the magnetic field generated on the conductor Is gathered by the magnetic ring and inducted to the hall device, and the signal output generated Is used to drive the corresponding power tube and make it conduct, thus obtaining a compensating current Is. This current then passes through the multiturn winding to generate a magnetic field, which is the opposite of the magnetic field generated by the measured current, thus compensating the original magnetic field, making the output of hall devices gradually decrease. When the magnetic field generated by multiplying Ip and turns Is equal to each other, Is no longer increases. At this time, hall device plays the role of indicating zero magnetic flux, which can be balanced by Is. Any change in the measured current will upset this balance. Once the magnetic field is out of balance, hall devices have signal output. When the power is amplified, a corresponding current immediately flows through the secondary windings to compensate for the unbalanced magnetic field. From the magnetic imbalance to the re-balance, the time required is theoretically less than 1 minus s, which is a process of dynamic equilibrium.