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Bourdon Tube
- Dec 03, 2018 -

One end of the bourdon tube is fixed and the other end is movable. The pipe with non-circular section gradually expands into a circle under the action of internal pressure. At this time, the movable end produces a displacement that is related to the pressure to a certain extent. The active end drives the pointer to indicate the pressure. The most commonly used bourdon tube is type C, in addition to spiral type, c-type combination, twist type and other types (see figure). Borden tubes are made of copper - or iron-base alloys. It is less sensitive than other pressure sensitive elements, and is often used to measure larger pressure, often combined with other elastic components. In 1852 e. bourdon obtained the patent right of bourdon tube. Up to now, bourdon tube is still widely used in many instruments, especially in the measurement of pressure and force.