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Aseismatic Pressure Gauge
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The aseismic pressure gauge is a kind of pressure gauge which is suitable for working in the environment with strong vibration. It has some anti-vibration mechanism of the pressure gauge and further improves its anti-seismic performance from the design side of the structure. In order to meet the requirements of higher vibration resistance, most of the seismic pressure gauges adopt the rotary table to increase the damped performance of the indicator mechanism and balance the moment of inertia of the indicator components under the state of vibration to the maximum extent. Generally speaking, the pressure gauge indicates the pressure value of the medium through the rotation of the dial in the process of work. There are also made aseismic pressure gauges diaphragm type and pointer type, its aseismic performance slightly lower than rotary disc type aseismic pressure gauges.