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Are Differential Pressure Gauges And Differential Pressure Gauges The Same Type Of Meter?
- Jun 02, 2018 -


Functions of differential pressure gauge:

Usually used to measure pipe flow

Another way to monitor the filter is if the sensor is mounted between the inlet and outlet of the filter. When the dust in the filter increases, the pressure drop of air flow through the filter will also increase. When the pressure differential reaches a certain level, the system can alert the user.

Operating principle of differential pressure gauge:

Full of fluid pipes, the throttle when it flows through the pipe pieces, velocity will form a local contraction in throttling and velocity increases, the static pressure is reduced, so the before and after the pressure difference is produced on the throttle. The greater the fluid flow, the greater the pressure difference, which can be measured according to the pressure difference. This method is based on the flow continuity equation (mass conservation law) and Bernoulli's equation (energy conservation law). Not only the size of the differential pressure and flow is related to many other factors, such as when the throttle device form or the pipe fluid physical properties (density, viscosity) are not at the same time, under the flow of the same size of differential pressure are also different.

Differential pressure gauge

Differential pressure gauge function:

Physical instrument used to measure the pressure difference between two points and to measure the pressure difference between two points in a well or pipeline fluid.

Purpose of differential pressure gauge:

Widely used in measuring the pressure of the fan and blower, filter resistance, wind speed, furnace pressure, orifice differential pressure, water level of bubble and liquid amplifier or hydraulic system pressure, etc., at the same time is also used for the air in the process of combustion gas ratio control and automatic control valve, and the blood pressure and respiratory health care equipment pressure monitoring.