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Application Of Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Before using the diaphragm pressure gauge, be sure to understand the characteristics of the medium being monitored. Because the diaphragm pressure gauge is designed for special media, when monitoring general gas, water and oil pressure, you can use a general pressure gauge when monitoring. For nitric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkali pressure, stainless steel pressure gauges can be used, but when the medium to be monitored is highly corrosive, such as: hydrochloric acid, wet chlorine, ferric chloride; has a high viscosity such as: latex; easy to crystallize such as: Brine; easy to solidify such as: hot asphalt; there are solid floats such as: sewage, the above pressure gauge is not acceptable, because SUS316 stainless steel pipe will be corroded by hydrochloric acid, asphalt and sewage floats will also block the pressure gauge of the pressure gauge And make the pressure gauge lose its function. Because the diaphragm pressure gauge has a diaphragm diaphragm, it can prevent the high viscosity, easy to crystallize, and easy to solidify the medium flowing into the pressure guiding hole, ensuring that the pressure gauge reading can normally reflect the pressure of the measured medium.