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When using digital pressure gauge should pay attention to what issues
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Digital pressure gauge using liquid crystal display technology, powerful use will reduce the service life of the LCD, digital pressure gauges data recognition and maylead to unclear, so digital pressure gauge installation position in order to avoid glare.

Digital pressure gauge hydraulic parts for the stainless steel material and ceramicsensor, direct measurement of weak acid and alkaline media, digital pressure gauges to measure acid alkaline media should pay attention on the selection, care divide digital pressure gauge is used.

Digital pressure gauge stainless steel wetted parts of metal and ceramic sensors allow direct measurement of weakly alkaline medium, if strong acid medium of choice for measurement of digital pressure meter should pay greater attention to theuse diaphragms digital pressure gauge.

Digital pressure gauges used at low temperature (less than-30 c), may cause faultssuch as digital pressure gauge is not displayed, used at high temperatures is greater than 85 ℃, the radiator should be added, otherwise the digital pressure gaugemeasurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and lithium-ion batteries at high temperature may have a risk of explosion. Storage or transport in the process of digital pressure gauge should also pay attention to temperature.

Digital pressure gauges are used for low temperature (less than 30), can make thedigital pressure gauge does not show the fault, if it exceeds 85 ℃ high temperature under the conditions of use, should be added to the radiator, or digital pressuregauge accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and the risk of high temperature lithium battery explosion. During the process of storage or transportation should also pay attention to the digital pressure gauge temperature.