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What is the corrosion pressure gauge?
- Apr 11, 2018 -

     Corrosion-resistant pressure gauges are actually assembled from stainless steel pressure gauges or stainless steel pressure gauges and anti-corrosion diaphragms, and can be made of ABS materials with a full plastic anti-corrosion pressure gauge. 

    It is based on the advanced technology of stainless steel pressure gauge, with reference to similar products advanced structural design, according to the needs of users design and development of new varieties, corrosion resistant pressure gauge adopts direct contact joints and sensing element material, adopt icr18Ni9T, Ocr18Ni12Mo2Ti, sus316, structure is whole sealing type, with strong anti corrosion and measured medium environment corrosion resistance. It is suitable for corrosive environment suitable for stainless steel components and bad external corrosive environment. Corrosion-resistant pressure gauges with acid-proof pressure gauges, diaphragm resistance pressure gauges, pressure gauges against strong corrosion, etc.