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Use of pressure gauge and installation instructions.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

1. Pre-installation inspection.

A. Whether the pressure of the monitored point will exceed the measuring range of the meter; If you have more than one, please replace the meter with appropriate range.

B. Whether the pressure of the detection point has an instantaneous impact, if so, please pretend the buffer.

C, if there is a high temperature measured medium (greater than 85 ℃); If the temperature is too high, please pretend the condenser tube or radiator.

D. The measured media shall be compatible with the material strength and corrosion resistance of the instrument shell.

E. Whether the measured media can plug the pressure hole of the instrument; If possible, the shell should be customized.

2. Installation method.

A. In general, the instrument shall be mounted vertically to the horizontal direction for observation;

B. The pressure interface of general standard is M20 x 1.5, and the sealing gasket of copper or polyfluorine should be installed when installing.

C. The instrument can be directly mounted on the flange interface of the measuring pipe. For easy installation and maintenance, the flange joint and the pipe should be installed with the stop valve and the vent valve.

3. Matters needing attention.

A. Do not use sharp or hard material to prod the hole, nor press the diaphragm with the hand, damaging the diaphragm or causing permanent deformation of the diaphragm.

B. When the ambient temperature exceeds the product standard, on-site protective measures should be taken to prevent the damage of the liquid crystal display.

C. When installing the instrument, close the cut-off valve and open the vent valve, so as to avoid the pressure caused by the pressure caused by the pressure too high to damage the instrument's sensor.

D. If the temperature of 80 is less than or equal to 100, the condenser tube should be installed.

E. When installing differential pressure gauges, please check the high voltage end and low pressure end to avoid damage to the sensor.

F. The user shall not open the instrument at will and replace the components.

G. Do not change the battery or charge at will.