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Troubleshooting of vibration-proof pressure gauge
- Jan 13, 2017 -

During the operation of pressure gauge common breakdown and reason:

First, the pointer shake. Reason: 1, the measured medium pressure; 2 pressure gauge location much vibration.

Second, pressure gauge, no instructions. Reason: 1, tubing on the shut off valve is not open; 2 tubing plug; 3, too much dirt deposited in the spring fitting and jam;4, spring break; 5, Central tooth and tooth wear the sector too much, as a mesh.

Third, uneven pressure indicator error. Reason: 1, spring deformation failure; 2 Bourdon tube free end and fan gear, connecting rod ratio adjustment.

IV, pressure gauge pointer beat or slow phenomenon. Reasons: 1 dash glass, pointer and surface or scale friction; 2, Center gear shaft bent; two gears 3, dirt; 4, connecting rod screw with those of fan gear is not flexible.

V, pressure removed, pointer cannot revert back to the zero point. Cause: bending1, pointer 2, spring force short; 3, hands loose; 4, transmission gear with friction.

VI, transmission ratio imbalance.

VII, low pressure meter indicates. Reasons: 1 gear ratio imbalance; 2 Bourdon tubeleakage; 3, pointer or drive train friction; 4, pressure pipeline leaks.

Eighth, cannot indicate the pointer to upper scale. Reasons: 1 featuring a small fixed 2, movement in the base location; 3, spring tube welding position.