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The fourth pressure gauge development direction of the red flag is held in BBS.
- Apr 27, 2018 -


It is a delight to have friends coming from afar.

           Yesterday, 35 pressure gauge sales elites from all over the country gathered in the red flag instrument (changxing) co., LTD., part of the fourth pressure gauge held by the red flag instrument development BBS, mutual communication pressure gauge industry present situation, future development and pressure gauge are discussed.



                     Red flag instrument the fourth pressure gauge development direction BBS scene.


         Zhou fanglong, President of the company, general manager zhou chunlong, vice President xi lian, li ping ye attended the meeting, the heads of offices and related departments attended the meeting.




      Chairman zhou fanglong first represents the company to participate in BBS pressure gauge sales elite to express warm welcome and sincere thanks. Hot and moves toward him from the current economic situation at home and abroad, this paper expounds the sense of the current domestic pressure gauge sales market present situation and problems, think now is the time when the challenges and opportunities coexist, the key is to seize the opportunity, grasped the nettle and adversity courageously, achieve rapid growth. Zhou Fanglong said, holding the purpose of this BBS is to discuss problems, analysis the reason, to find countermeasures, as well as in a new era of Internet +, how to strengthen the cooperation under the new situation and new challenges, and form a win-win pattern.

              Zhou Fanglong, about the future cooperation and development, points out that the red flag instrument in the production and operation practice of "specialized, sharp, fine, deep, strong," six key points of development, the annual output of not less than 2020 to 2020, through cooperation, mutual benefit, with each dealer do sometimes-complex mix-and-match, I have you, in the realization of multi-channel, multifaceted, multi-level cooperation.



        Zhou chunlong, general manager, first introduced the history and present situation of hongqi instrument co., LTD to the sales elite. Red flag instrument of yueqing family workshops started from 1993, from scratch, since the childhood, from weak to strong, one step at a time past 25 years, has now become domestic pressure meter industry leading enterprises, in 2006 began to open international markets, "the red flag instrument" is the only industry where "province famous trademark", is "made in zhejiang" certification, production capacity, technical strength, product varieties, sales scale is the first in China.

          Next week, by means of graphic presentation always shows the historical evolution process of pressure gauge, different type of pressure gauge and the development direction, and the pressure gauge domestic enterprises made the advantages and disadvantages of transverse comparison. Through to the red flag instrument parts independent production, four major production bases, 18 offices nationwide sales network, with the introduction of core technology power and so on four big advantage, highlight the red flag instrument in the current domestic pressure gauge in the industry advantage. About future opportunities and crisis of the existence of pressure gauge industry, he believes that the future slightly tide gauge must be in the superior industry, resource integration, the era of fast fish eat slow fish, can only be anti-crisis combination and common development.


     Finally, through the introduction of the company's culture and the cultivation methods of successors, the participants' emotional identification was obtained, and there was a continuous round of applause.



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After the meeting, the dealers exchanged and asked questions about the actual problems encountered during the daily operation.

Discussion and interaction




      Finally, thanks to every one of the red flag families who have been quietly paying for BBS.