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The difference between diaphragm pressure gauge and diaphragm pressure gauge
- Dec 27, 2017 -

      The diaphragm pressure gauge and diaphragm pressure gauge are two commonly used pressure gauges, and its main differences are in working principle, elastic element, precision grade and measuring range, etc.

 1. The working principle of the diaphragm pressure gauges, diaphragm pressure gauges for pressure measurement, the measurement of dielectric will directly effect on the isolated patch, and perpendicular to the diaphragm and upward pressure, caused the diaphragm deformation, deformation from space and prompted the spring tube filling liquid transfer medium pressure to the spring tube, end spring tube to produce elastic deformation, with the help of connecting rod mechanism drives the machine core shaft rotation, the pointer indicates the measured pressure value on the dial. Diaphragm pressure gauge: under the effect of pressure, the direct effect on the elastic diaphragm is measured medium, the diaphragm up measurement (positive pressure) or down (measuring the negative pressure) produce elastic deformation, with the help of a fixed link mechanism drive the movement in the center of the diaphragm gear shaft rotation, so that the pointer on the dial indicates the measured pressure value. 

2. Diaphragm pressure gauge of elastic component: the elastic element is the spring tube, and the diaphragm is only the isolation effect. Diaphragm pressure gauge: the elastic element of diaphragm pressure gauge is corrugated diaphragm. The pressure is applied to the diaphragm, the diaphragm produces an upward (or downward) elastic deformation and indicates the pressure value by welding the connecting rod mechanism on the diaphragm. 

3. Precision level diaphragm pressure gauge: general accuracy level of 1.6. Diaphragm pressure gauge: the precision level is 2.5. 

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Diaphragm pressure gauge