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The comparison between digital pressure gauge and normal pressure gauge is briefly described.
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Digital pressure gauge is widely used and conveying gas, liquid pipes and containers of measuring no explosion danger, no crystals, not solidified body and corrode the metal liquid, gas, steam, etc. The pressure of medium size. It has the advantages of small volume, safe and reliable performance and clear display.   

Digital pressure gauges can accurately measure flow, liquid level, table pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum degree and proportion. Connect directly with secondary instrument and computer control system to realize automatic detection and control of production process. Can be widely used in various industrial gas, liquid pressure testing in the field of digital pressure gauge: the principle of the digital pressure gauge by sensitive element within the table (bourdon tubes, bellows, bellows) of elastic deformation, liquid level transmitter, the inputting type liquid level transmitter, static pressure, liquid level transmitter by movement within the digital pressure gauge transformation mechanism will again pressure deformation to Pointers, cause the hands to show the functions and characteristics of the digital pressure gauge, pressure

Automatic range: provides high resolution and precision stability mode in low pressure range when required: stable function for stable reading values. It will show the average of the first four readings.

Automatic shutdown: after 40 minutes automatic shutdown saves the battery.

Back to zero function: a key to provide fast back to zero digital pressure gauge pressure representation of ordinary belongs to the on-site instructions type pressure gauge pressure gauges, the size of the local display pressure, without a remote display, regulating function. In the process of industrial process control and technology measure, due to the flexibility of general pressure gauge sensor has high mechanical strength and production convenient, installation simple reading convenient features, makes the general pressure gauge is more and more widely used. The normal pressure gauge is transmitted through the elastic deformation of the sensitive element in the table, and then the pressure deformation is transmitted to the pointer through the transfer mechanism of the inner core of the watch, causing the pointer to rotate to show the pressure.   

There are two ways to express pressure: one is the pressure expressed by the absolute vacuum as the benchmark, which is called absolute pressure; The other is the pressure expressed by atmospheric pressure as a benchmark, known as relative pressure. Since the pressure measured by most pressure gauges is relative pressure, relative pressure is also known as table pressure. When absolute pressure is less than atmospheric pressure, the absolute pressure in the available container is less than one atmospheric pressure value. Our country legal pressure units for the Pa (N / ), known as PASCAL, referred to as "Mr. Since the unit is too small, it is often used 106 times the unit MPa(MPa).