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Stainless steel construction and principle of the differential pressure gauge
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Instrument with double bellows structure-two corrugated pipes were installed in the "h-shaped" support on both sides of the symmetrical position. "Workers" font bracket of upper and lower ends respectively for activities end and fixed end, Middle by spring tablets phase connection; two only corrugated tube is parallel State, respectively with catheter Yu table shell Shang of level pressure joint phase connection; gear drive institutions directly installation in bracket of fixed end, and through lever and bracket of activities connected connection; degrees disc is directly fixed in gear drive institutions above.

Instrument of work principle: based on sense pressure components used two only has same stiffness of corrugated tube, so in same was measuring media Xia forced its produced same of concentrated force respectively role and activities bracket Shang, due to spring tablets sides in, torque role Xia not produced deflection, so bracket also in original location, such gear drive institutions also not action, is pointer still refers to in 0 bit.

When applying different pressure (high voltage side is higher than the low pressure side), two bellows in the active force on the stent is not equal, respectively the corresponding displacement and driven gear transmission and amplification, from after the deflection of the needle indicates the pressure difference between the twovalues.