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Pressure gauges used in the process of common problems and solutions
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Pressure gauge is by attachment, Bourdon tube, constitutes the main part of the movement. Welding welding of pressure gauges are mainly lead-zinc silver welding,Tig welding, welding, instrument clarinet work is 100,000 times. The works by Bourdon tube deformation, movements (Center of fan gear and gear) driven pointers in the panel display on the scale of media pressure to be measured.

Pressure gauges in the course of using three common issues:

1. Pressure gauge wear fan gear for some time occurs;

2, Pressure gauges, pressure measuring systems from overpressure measured media an instant impact, make the pointer back to zero or rush to the limit screw below;

3, The instrument pointer does not return to zero position after the system pressure.

Three ways to solve pressure gauge frequently asked questions:

1, Increase fan gear contact width, increasing the contact surface (that is, increasegear module), the purpose of anti-wear to increase service life;

2, In the movement of the instrument by adding spacing blocks by transient spikesin the load system makes movement of the cylindrical gear and fan gear for easy release, resolve after shock pressure gauge pointer does not return to zero or pointer was rushed to the limit screw back problems;

3, Turn down the pressure gauge pressure measurement system the valve below.

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