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Pressure gauge fluid the part of anti-corrosion measures
- Jan 13, 2017 -

1. The General corrosive medium, if the corrosion of stainless steel Spring 1-2, optional stainless steel pressure gauges, installation, the tubing should be short, cushion coil when necessary use a buffer tank to prevent impurities plug.

2. If the media has purpose corrosion on stainless steel and copper, you can switch to isolate the buffer tank tank added corrosion-resistant spacer fluid. Liquid-resistant types of isolation can be selected according to the nature of the medium tobe measured, but requires the use of more than half a year is not bad as well. If ordinary isolation are not applicable, available chlorine fluorine oil as an isolation solution, but the price is very expensive, so isolation can make small, dismounting to recycle reuse fluorine oil.

3. Diaphragm type pressure gauges can be used, currently containing molybdenum stainless steel, Hastelloy, tantalum, diaphragm and ballistic tube with silicone oildelivery pressure, minimum range can be 0~100kPa if the diaphragm material is not resistant, you can add a layer of F46 (Poly-fluorinated ethylene propylene) membrane, but end of instrument sensitivity decreases. F46 diaphragm can also directlyuse, but pay attention to the permeability of the medium, to high temperature andoil media delivery solution using fluorine oil ban.