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Precision digital pressure gauge.
- Apr 04, 2018 -

The precision digital pressure gauge is a portable instrument with alternating current and dc, which can replace the original precision needle pressure gauge. The performance and technical indexes of the high performance microprocessor are continuously modified to ensure that the instrument is used in a long time and wide temperature range without affecting the accuracy of the instrument. At the same time low power consumption, can ensure that the meter works long time. It is widely used in the laboratory and field of electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and metrology system. It can be used for measuring pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge, blood pressure gauge, pressure reducing valve and other instruments.

The precision digital pressure gauge not only solves the calibration of standard pressure, but also satisfies the comprehensive test needs of the field. It can be used to calibrate and calibrate the pressure transmitter. For ac/dc portable instruments, the current can be measured while the pressure is measured, and the LCD is displayed and 24VDC output is available. The microprocessors automatically compensate the zero drift, temperature drift and non-linearity of the instrument to ensure the high precision of the instrument.