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One reason for the pressure gauge pointer is not 0
- Jan 13, 2017 -

In the verification process of vibration-proof pressure gauge does not need to bethe case on top of the small rubber plug removed test can be qualified, and vibration-proof pressure gauge is to be small rubber plug removed test will qualify. Vibration-proof pressure gauges case the existence of atmospheric pressure, why is it that the same batch of products will be different? When vibration-proof pressuregauge is in use, whether a small rubber plug removed using is correct?

That we come to the case above, a bit of analysis:

1. First of all, users should provide suppliers with the "manual" operation, avoidingcertain instruments in verification.

And use some of the misunderstanding. Vibration-proof pressure gauge using theinstructions provided for the "instrument verification time should be on the case ofthe oil filling hole seal screw pine or red rubber sealing plug on the oil hole to pullto prevent breath affects calibration results in the case".From the perspective of vibration-proof pressure gauge using Manual requires allvibration-proof pressure gauge during inspection to be "surge of holes on the casing sealing screws loosen or red rubber sealing plug on the oil hole to pull up.

2. Generally, resistance earthquake pressure table due to table shell within breath and effect verification results of most is range smaller of resistance earthquake pressure table, according to market manufacturers of experience more is 0.6Mpa following of instrument, 0.6Mpa especially 0.16Mpa,0.25Mpa of instrument, due to its spring tube of tube wall thin, sensitivity high, if verification Shi table shell within breath will on resistance earthquake pressure table produced larger of effect, general verification more for not qualified. Vibration-proof pressure of 1Mpa table, due to the large spring stiffness, even when testing red rubber sealing plug on the oil hole is not dig up the residual gases in the table on the verification page will not havemuch effect on the results, range, the greater the more so.