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Maintenance of pressure gauge
- Jun 07, 2018 -

1. After a period of use and pressure, the manometer core

It is inevitable that some deformation and wear will occur, and the pressure gauge will produce various errors and failures. In order to ensure its original accuracy without distortion of value transfer, it should be replaced timely to ensure correct and safe instructions.

2. The pressure gauge should be cleaned regularly. Because the inside of the pressure gauge is not clean, it will increase the wear of each machine part, which will affect its normal operation, seriously causing the pressure gauge to malfunction and scrap.

3. According to jjg52-1999, the calibration period of the pressure gauge installed at the pressure measurement site is generally no more than half a year. For pressure gauges related to production safety and environmental monitoring, the verification period must follow the verification procedures, which can be less than half a year. If the conditions are bad, the verification period must be shorter.

4. If the media at the pressure measurement site fluctuates greatly, USES frequently, requires high accuracy, and requires strict safety factors, the verification period can be appropriately shortened according to the specific circumstances.

The following 4 types of pressure gauges of 11 types need mandatory verification:

1. Pressure gauges for safety protection shall be subject to mandatory verification. Including the following 7 categories:

1) measurement of the main cylinder and feed water pressure parts of the boiler;

2) measurement of the pressure in the air tank and main pipe of the fixed air compressor;

3) oil pressure measurement of generators, gas turbines and locomotive pressure;

4) measurement of pressure of medical high pressure sterilizer and pressure cooker;

5) pressure measurement with alarm device;

6) pressure measurement of pressurized container;

7) harmful, poisonous and corrosive heavy media pressure

Measurement of force. (for example: pressure gauges for spring tube, electric remote transmission and electrical contact).

2. Air pressure gauges used for safety protection shall be subject to mandatory verification. That is: wind pressure and wind speed measurement of roadway in mine. (for example: mine air pressure meter, mine wind speed meter).

3. The oxygen meter used for safety protection needs mandatory verification. Includes the following two types:

1) measurement of oxygen monitoring pressure during filling of oxygen cylinder;

2) measurement of oxygen pressure that is explosive and affects safety in the process.

4. The oxygen meter used in medical and health care shall be subject to mandatory verification. This is the measurement of oxygen pressure on the buoy oxygen inhaler and oxygen supply device for hospital oxygen transmission.