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Instrument expertise
- May 25, 2018 -

First, must have the basics
1 Basic knowledge of thermals, mechanics, electricity, optics, and chemical analysis (above high school);
2 has basic knowledge of higher mathematics knowledge, linear algebra, Lagrangian transformation and fuzzy mathematics;
3 has a high theoretical knowledge of professional automation instrumentation;
4 It has basic theoretical knowledge of chemical process and chemical engineering principle;
5 automatic adjustment principle and basic knowledge of chemical automation;
6 The basic theory of measurement and error;
7 Master the maintenance and repair procedures of chemical meters;
8  Proficiency in the types, names, models, structures, working  principles, and correct methods of use and maintenance of complex  meters, high-precision meters, new meters, and smart meters;
9 Fully grasp the working process of the automatic control system of the chemical unit;
10 to master the characteristics of process production, process requirements for instrumentation, automatic control;
11  Fully master all kinds of complex standard measurement instruments and  advanced calibration equipment and its ancillary equipment, the use of  tools, name, model, performance, role and correct use of methods and  maintenance knowledge;
12 Master the nature of the accident, the degree of harm, and the method of prevention of metering and automation systems;
13  quantity to master the performance and use methods of various safety  facilities and protective equipment provided by this type of work;
14 Basic knowledge of instrument technology management;
15 Comprehensive knowledge of measurement management;
16 Has the process knowledge of primary welders;
17 Have professional technical knowledge of electricians and intermediate workers;
18 Basic knowledge of new equipment and new theory within the scope of acceptance of instrumentation and automation.

Second, must have professional skills
1  Proficient in the maintenance and overhaul, test adjustment and  appraisal of various complex, high-precision, advanced instrumentation  and regulators;
2 to be able to carry out construction preparation and installation and debugging of instrumentation and automation systems;
3 can be programmed and overhauled according to the instructions of the smart meter instruction manual;
4 to be able to carry out large and medium repair operations on distributed control systems;
5  Can adjust the various parameters of the adjustment system online  according to the recorded curve of the adjusted parameter, so as to  improve the adjustment and adjustment quality of the system;
6  Proper handling of various parameters of the setting smart instrument  and distributed control system, can correctly determine the abnormal  situation occurred during the operation, and carry out processing;
7  It can solve the difficult problems in the operation of various  instruments and automation systems, and put forward suggestions for  improvement;
8 According to the problem of production red, it can propose technical solutions for instrumentation and automation;
9 can deal with the complex situation of online instruments independently;
10  Proficient in the use of various complex standard measuring instruments  and advanced calibration equipment, methods of use, performance,  structure and maintenance methods;
11 Grasp the calculation method of throttling device and regulating valve;
12 Master the flow measurement temperature and pressure compensation calculation;
13  Master the method of engineering tuning of the controller parameters,  and improve the adjustment quality according to the recorded curve of  the adjusted parameters;
14  Ability to perform substitution calculation of electronic circuit  components, calculation of small transformers, and design of general  regulator circuits;
15 can draw a schematic diagram of instrumentation equipment, installation wiring diagram;
16 skilled to understand the instrument, automated construction drawings;
17 Can understand the empty view of process piping, bridges, impulse lines and electrical line protection equipment.