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How to solve the pressure gauge needle bending
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Pressure gauge used for some time, but the pressure is unstable, or pressure gauge is removed, sometimes we will find the pointer is a pointer to the original sword is a scimitar shape, if you look very carefully, "back", leaving a dent or depression the size significantly, the pointer is curved.

Bend the pressure gauge pressure gauge needle, a relative checking nails, "" bent,this is because the pressure at work, the pressure too fast, too fast so that the pointer violent, nailing boards to check repeatedly. This is generally below the gauge,and contact pin the pointer is checked, you can see that by the severe impact of the, mark would have a gap deep in this region.

Have a relative pressure check dial-up "back to the" bent nail. This is because pressure gauges are used, too much stress, too soon to gauge clockwise-disc check valve and nail-bending effects. On the gauge side of the same leaves a gap.

Material gauge pressure is usually aluminum alloy plate, if too thin gauge material,material too soft because the gauge is easy to bend.