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How can the maintenance of pressure gauge reach?
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Pressure gauges are necessary for maintenance and are more frequent in winter. Let's discuss what the maintenance of the pressure gauge can achieve:

1. Carefully check the model and specification before installation of the pressure gauge, indicating that the pointer shall not deviate from the zero mark.

The black box should be rechecked or replaced.

2, pressure gauges shall be installed in the ambient temperature (or medium) - 40 ~ + 55 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, vibration or sharp pulsation of the tested pressure had no effect on the correct reading, etc under the environment of use.

3. Pressure gauges should be paid attention to the high and low pressure, and the pressure should be first given to the high pressure and then to the low pressure, and the unilateral pressure should not exceed the maximum use pressure.

4. The pressure gauge shall be installed vertically and shall be kept at the same horizontal position with the pressure point, otherwise, additional errors caused by the difference of liquid level shall be introduced accordingly.

Maintenance of other pressure gauges:

1) the pressure gauge should be clean, the glass on the dial should be bright and clear, so that the pressure value of the pointer in the dial can be indicated.

It's easy to see. Pressure gauges that are broken or not marked on the dial should be discontinued.

2) the connecting pipe of the pressure gauge should be washed regularly to avoid clogging. Used for gas with more oil or other viscous material.

The body pressure gauge connecting tube, especially should be diligent in blowing.

3) the pressure gauge is always careful to check whether the rotation and fluctuation of the pressure gauge pointer is normal, and check whether the cock on the connecting pipe is located.

In the open state.

4) the pressure gauge must be checked regularly, and the pressure gauge which has exceeded the calibration period should be stopped. In the boiler and pressure

During normal operation of the force vessel, the calibration shall be checked immediately if the pressure gauge indicates abnormal indication or other suspicious signs.