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General pressure gauges work
- Jan 13, 2017 -

Pressure sensitive element within the table by table-the elastic deformation of theBourdon tube, through switching mechanism with Bourdon tube movement of the table converts rotary motion of elastic deformation, caused by deflection of the needle to show pressure.

Spring into c-type pipe, Reed pipe, spiral pipe, type. Commonly used cold work hardening material (commonly used material is copper alloy), with high plasticity in the annealed State, by cold work hardening and qualitative processing to obtain ahigh degree of elasticity and strength.

C-type Bourdon tube sensing element section of the oval, measuring media pressure on the inside of the Bourdon tube, so Bourdon tube oval cross section tends toround section. Because of the Bourdon tube and small deformation, forming ring stress. This ring extends outward stress will make the Bourdon tube. Elastic Bourdon tube head is not fixed, it will have a small deformation.