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Daily maintenance of piston manometer.
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Daily maintenance:

1. Keep the pressure gauge clean. The pressure gauge shall not be placed in an environment with excessive humidity, so as not to rust.

2. The lower end O ring of the quick connector and piston cylinder is more vulnerable. If the leakage is found, it should be replaced.

3. The liquid level in the oil cup should always be higher than the upper end of the oil cup filter. If it is neglected for a moment, the air will enter the prepressure pump, causing the prepressure pump to fail. At this point, the pressure pump inlet connector should be unscrewed to allow the air to flow out with the liquid. When the liquid is flowing continuously, it can tighten the joint and restore the pre-pressure pump function.

The piston type pressure gauge has been greatly improved because of new materials, new technology and new technology. It is widely used to calibrate digital pressure gauge, precision pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, pressure sensor and other pressure instrument.