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Common problems with pressure gauges
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The pressure gauge is made up of several main parts: connector, spring pipe and machine core.

The welding of pressure gauge mainly includes lead - zinc welding, silver welding, argon arc welding, special welding, etc. The working principle is that through the deformation of the spring pipe, the machine core (fan tooth and central gear working) drives the pointer to display the measured medium pressure on the scale of the surface plate.

Three common problems in the use of pressure gauges:

1. The fan gear of pressure gauge will wear out during working period;

2. The pressure measuring system of the pressure gauge is subjected to the instantaneous overpressure impact of the medium under test, which makes the pointer return to the zero position or under the limit pin;

3. The meter pointer will not return to zero after the system is unloaded.

Three ways to solve common problems of pressure gauges:

1. Increase the width of the contact surface of fan gear and increase the contact surface (i.e. increase gear module) to achieve the purpose of anti-wear and increase service life;

2, on the movement of instrument equipped with limit block, pressure measuring system under instantaneous impact when the movement of the cylindrical gear and a fan gear is not easy to trip, solve the pressure gauge pointer back to zero or not after exposure to the shock pressure pointer was rushed to the banking pin at the back of the problem;

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