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Bimetal thermometer
- Apr 04, 2018 -

      Bimetal thermometer is a kind of measuring instrument with low temperature. Bimetallic thermometers can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in the range of -80 ~ +500. It is to screw into shape around the thermal bimetallic strip as thermal devices, and put it in a protective sleeve tube, one end is fixed, known as the fixed end, the other end connection on a thin shaft, become a free end. A pointer is mounted on the free end spool. When the temperature changes, the free end of the sensor will rotate, and the pointer on the fine axis will change, indicating the corresponding temperature on the dial.

      The two metal thermometers can be divided into four types: axial, radial, 135 and universal.    As follows:

(1)The axial type bimetal thermometer: the dial and the protection tube are connected vertically.

(2)A radial bimetal thermometer: the pointer disc is connected with the protection pipe line.

(3)type 135 ° to the bimetallic thermometer: pointer plate connected to protection tube into 135 °

      A universal bimetal thermometer: the dial and the protection tube connection Angle can be adjusted arbitrarily.

The advantages of bimetal thermometers are fast response, small size, good linearity and stability, and some foreign products have high temperature performance.

   1. The thermoelectric potential of bimetallic thermometers is only related to the thermoelectric properties of thermal electrode materials and temperature difference at both ends. 2.

   2. No thermoelectric potential can be generated by using the same homogenous conductor or semiconductor circuit. 3.

   3. Thermocouple junction temperature T,T0, if T=T0, the thermoelectric potential of thermocouple is zero. The intermediate temperature law lays the foundation for the formulation of thermocouple scale. 4.

   4. High conductivity and small resistance temperature coefficient; The thermoelectric potential of the configuration is high, the thermoelectric potential is linear with the temperature, easy to copy, the process is simple, and the price is cheap.